From inception, CHH was able to develop a descent portfolio that has been able to to grow and sustain the operations and activities of the company. Mining is the flagship of the CHH investment portfolio and was progressively developed from zero base over the years to its present value.  We have partnership ethos for doing business including willingness to share in risks and rewards.

Our current portfolio mainly covers:



Infrastructure & Energy

Property & Real Estate


CHH’s investment strategy is inclusive of the current areas and encompasses new key strategic sectors such as health, logistics, water and agro beneficiation, and financial services. Based on this CHH is poised for substantial and unprecedented growth.

Our equity holdings in various sectors,
comprise of the following:

Anthracite Coal Mine

CHH holds majority equity stake in an anthracite coal mining company operating under the Corporate Laws of the Kingdom of Eswatini.

Manganese Mine

CHH is part of the BEE consortium that holds a controlling stake in one of the top Manganese Mining producers based in the Northern Cape region of the Republic of  South Africa.

Engineering Services

CHH has a minority shareholding in a global and multi-disciplinary engineering business providing project management and consulting services.


CHH is a significant shareholder in an electricity transformer assembly plant which manufactures and sells power distribution transformers and electrical distribution boards in Matola, Mozambique.

Real Estate

CHH owns properties that constitute its investment portfolio.

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